How to Remove the Key in a Dell Inspiron Laptop

By Catherine Hewson

While keyboards are built to withstand many things, it's possible for a keyboard to become full of dust, hair or food and then cease to work. When this happens, the easiest way to fix the problem is to simply remove the key. Even if you're planning to replace the key, the process remains the same. Luckily, removing keys on your Dell Inspiron laptop is quick and painless, regardless of the model.

Step 1

Turn off your Dell Inspiron by clicking "Start," "Shutdown" and "Shutdown."

Step 2

Unplug your Dell laptop's AC adapter.

Step 3

Grip the top right of the key you want to remove with your fingernail. Pull the key upward. The key will pop off and you'll see a little white plastic piece that was responsible for holding the key on the keyboard.

Step 4

Put the key back on by pushing it firmly onto the white plastic piece. You've now successfully removed and reinstalled a key on your Dell Inspiron laptop.

Tips & Warnings

  • Clean your keys regularly to prevent sticky keys and other keyboard-related problems. Cleaning your keys is as simple as following the steps above and using a cloth to remove any food or other particles that may have gotten in the keyboard.

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