How to Remove the SIM Card in an LG Cell Phone

By Diana Braun

Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards are removable data storage used by mobile devices such as LG cell phones. The SIM card securely stores the service-subscriber key that is used to identify a subscriber on a mobile network. The SIM card is also capable of storing text messages and phone contacts. If your LG cell phone becomes inoperable or you purchase a new phone, simply remove the SIM card and use it in a new phone compatible with your mobile service provider.

Step 1

Turn off your LG cell phone. Press the "End" call button to shutdown the phone.

Step 2

Remove the battery cover from your phone. The battery is typically located on the back of the phone. Most battery covers slide off by applying pressing a release button and sliding the cover away from the phone.

Step 3

Pull up on one side of the battery to remove it from the battery compartment. The SIM card is typically located underneath the battery or to one side of the battery compartment. If you do not find your SIM card under the battery, your LG phone might have a separate SIM card compartment. Look on the top and sides of your phone for a SIM card slot. If necessary, pull back the slot cover (door) to expose the SIM card.

Step 4

Slide the SIM card out using your fingertips. Place your pointer finger or thumb on the card and carefully pull it out.