How to Remove the System.exe Virus

By Jason Taetsch

A number of different malware programs, including trojans and other spyware, employ the system.exe virus. This file is used to track an infected computer's Internet activity and private information and send the information to a hacker. System.exe is a contagious malware as it can spread through both email and network sharing. The virus should be immediately removed from a computer system upon detection. Fortunately, even novice computer users can complete the removal process.

Things You'll Need

  • External hard drive

Step 1

Back up any essential computer files prior to the removal process, such as photos, documents, files, settings or music, to an external hard drive to safeguard them. Insert the cable from the hard drive into a USB or Firewire port on the infected computer.

Step 2

Copy and paste the important files into the disk folder associated with the external hard drive that will appear on the desktop once the hard drive is recognized. Then right-click on the drive's folder and click "Eject." Remove the hard drive's cable from the port on the computer.

Step 3

Stop the system.exe processes from the Windows Task Manager utility. To access the utility, press "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Delete" simultaneously on the keyboard. Alternatively, you can press "Ctrl," "Shift" and "Esc." Click on the tab labeled "Processes" if it is not already selected and click on the "Image Name" category to make the list easier to navigate.

Step 4

Scroll through the list and locate the "system.exe" file name. Click on the file name to select it and click on the "End Process" button to kill the system.exe virus process.

Step 5

Delete the remaining files associated with the system.exe virus using the Windows Search Tool. Click on the "Start" button and choose the "Search" option in the list. Click "All Files and Folders" and enter the name of the system.exe file into the text box. Click "Local Hard Drives" and click "Search" to locate the file. Right-click on the file to send it to the recycling bin.The system.exe virus files to be deleted are:system.exeexplore.exe

Step 6

Return to the desktop and right-click on the "Recycling Bin" desktop icon. Choose "Empty" from the context menu.