How to Remove the Trojan Downloader Virus

By Techwalla Contributor

Struggling to remove Trojan Downloader? Virus removal is not quite as simple as some would have you believe. In fact, trying to remove this (or any trojan, malware, virus) manually can actually make matters much worse. You may be in a rush to remove Trojan Downloader Virus, but resist the urge to "tinker" it away. Unfortunately, toying with your system without extensive computer knowledge generally only leads to more malfunctions. You may diminish some of the symptoms of infection, but these changes are usually only temporary and your tinkering can create long-term problems.While many websites offer instructions to remove the virus without the use of proper software, these sites are almost never affiliated with the corporation that designed and created your system. The advice rarely comes from reputable computer technicians. Most computer manufacturers would never recommend you bypass anti-virus software to solve the problem on your own. Learn how to remove this irritating Trojan without destroying your PC.

Things You'll Need

  • Trojan Downloader
  • Internet

Step 1

Update your anti-virus software. Even if your security program is set to perform routine updates, you should initiate an update immediately before checking for the virus. Follow the instructions provided by your program.If you do not have security installed on your computer, you'll need to acquire a reputable anti-virus program to remove the Trojan safely. Systems are available free and at cost. If you install new software, you should still perform a search for updates prior to running your scan. You may have purchased your program today, but it wasn't created today.

Step 2

With your security system updated, run a full scan of your computer. With a current definition of the Trojan, the scan should be able to identify it even by aliases.

Step 3

Review the results of your scan. If your anti-virus program has picked up the program, it will be easy to remove Trojan Downloader. Virus software usually provide the option to remove malicious software along with the results of the scan. Follow the instructions to remove any malicious programs your security has discovered.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your anti-virus program doesn't identify the problem in a scan, it's possible that your computer isn't infected and that there is no need to remove Trojan Downloader. However, it's also possible the security software is incapable of identifying the installed Trojan. For this reason, it's essential that you read the information about the security software you are purchasing to ensure it is capable of both identifying and removing the program.

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