How to Remove Write Protection on My Thumb Drive

By Greyson Ferguson

A thumb (or flash) drive is a small memory device that connects to a computer via a USB port. Although you most likely won't have too many issues with your flash drive, you could run into a slight snag when a pop-up window states that the thumb drive is write-protected. This means you cannot save any items onto it. There are two different fixes possible for this issue, both of which you can perform from your home computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • USB thumb drive

Step 1

Look over the USB flash drive for a small switch. This switch is a write protection switch. Move the switch into the opposite position and connect the flash drive back to the computer. You can now begin saving content to the thumb drive.

Step 2

Launch your Internet browser if there is no switch on the thumb drive.

Step 3

Identify the manufacturer of the thumb drive and navigate to its web site. Search for "Support and Downloads."

Step 4

Type in your product model or select the thumb drive device icon. Download and install to your computer the software the company provides.

Step 5

Leave your USB thumb drive in the computer and launch the software you installed. In the software is an option to add or remove the write protection on the device. Select to remove the write protection and save the changes. This removes the write protecting from your thumb drive.