How to Repair a Broken Kindle Screen

By Quinn Marshall

The Kindle is a wafer-thin e-book reading device prone to instant screen-death should it be stepped on, packed within a suitcase improperly or dropped onto the pavement. Amazon will repair the device for free if it is covered by an extended warranty, or for a fee if it isn't. If you are brave enough, you can attempt to fix the device yourself using a replacement screen and basic electronics tool kit.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement screen
  • Plastic prying device
  • Jewelry screwdriver kit
  • Cloth

Step 1

Purchase a replacement screen. It is difficult to find a replacement screen from a third-party vendor, unfortunately. Check online auction and classifieds websites for faulty Kindles with a functioning screen, which you can remove and transplant into your own Kindle.

Step 2

Purchase an electronics tool kit, which contains a plastic prying device and a set of small screwdrivers. Alternatively, you can purchase a jewelry screwdriver kit and a plastic prying device separately from each other.

Step 3

Place a cloth on a flat surface, then place the Kindle face-down onto the cloth. Use the prying tool to pry the back of the Kindle from the device carefully. Insert the prying tool into the Kindle's edge, then pry upward. Work your way along all the edges, prying carefully, until the back is removed.

Step 4

Remove all the visible screws from your Kindle using a small screwdriver. Remove the loose parts, disconnecting ribbons and wires when necessary. Repeat until the screen is visible.

Step 5

Lift the screen from the Kindle. Place the new screen into the device. Reverse the steps you used to disassemble the device. Make sure you plug each ribbon and wire back in, or else the device will not work. Replace each screw; don't tighten them too much, or else you may damage the chipset.

Step 6

Press the battery to ensure it wasn't bumped loose.

Step 7

Press the back panel onto the Kindle so that all the plastic clasps snap into place. Power on the Kindle to make sure the screen works properly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Recycle the old screen instead of throwing it away.
  • Touch a metal surface to discharge any static electricity you may have built up while moving around. Otherwise, the static electricity may discharge into the Kindle's chipset and short it out.