How to Repair a Laptop Battery

By Kay Ireland

Laptop batteries have a way of weakening over time. That battery that used to last two hours per charge a year or two ago probably now only lasts a half hour. It can be frustrating, especially when you count on your laptop to be portable. You can repair your battery so that it lasts longer, however please note that taking apart components of your laptop may void your warranty in some cases. Check your manufacturer warranty before tampering with your laptop components. If you can do so without voiding your warranty, follow these steps to repair your laptop battery.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Xacto knife

Step 1

Let all of the power drain from your battery. Remove the battery from your laptop. Note the model number of the battery and write it down for future reference when reordering.

Step 2

Pry the back off of the battery pack using a screwdriver. You will find up to 6 seperate cell batteries covered in plastic. Note the part number of the individual cells and write it down; it is most likely directly on the front of the plastic.

Step 3

Order 6 new batteries from an electronic supplier to replace the old ones, using the model number from the battery pack. (See "Resources" below)

Step 4

Using an Xacto knife, cut open the plastic to each cell, leaving the actual batteries exposed. Remove them from the tray, but don't discard. Remove the contacts until you are left with the blank battery tray.

Step 5

Put the new batteries into the plastic belonging to the old batteries, leaving the old batteries exposed and the new ones encased in the plastic.

Step 6

Put the new batteries into the battery case and reconnect the wires. You may need to solder them if they don't connect easily or were damaged when you pulled out the old batteries, however, in most cases simply positioning the batteries correctly will connect them.

Step 7

Put the battery case back together and insert the battery back into the laptop. Charge the laptop fully before attempting to use.

References & Resources