How to Repair an iPad Touchscreen

By Jasmine Carpenter

Unfortunately, Apple doesn't provide a warranty that covers accidental damages, so if the glass panel is broken on your Apple iPad, you will need to purchase a replacement part for it. Shop online for the best prices, and look for a reputable retailer that guarantees their parts with a warranty. You will also need to purchase an iPad toolkit, if you don't already have the right tools for opening the case.

Things You'll Need

  • iPad toolkit (prying tool and Phillips screw driver)
  • Rubber mat or soft cloth

Step 1

Place your Apple iPad on a flat surface, such as a rubber mat or soft cloth. Use the flat-head prying tool that came with your iPad toolkit, and insert it between the top-left edge of the front and back panel.

Step 2

Rotate the prying tool away from you to release the tabs near the edge of the display. Insert another flat-head prying tool between the top-left edge and rear panel, to prevent the front panel from snapping back into place.

Step 3

Move one of the flat-head prying tools along the right edge of your iPad, until you have released all the tabs. Lift the front panel away for the back panel, but don't remove it, because the ribbon cables underneath are still attached to the rear panel.

Step 4

Disconnect the cables that are attached to the logic board. You will need to unplug the digitizer, ambient-light sensor, and display data cables. Use the iPad prying tool to flip up the retaining flaps for the digitizer. Gently pull the cables out of the sockets. Use the prying tool again, and remove the ambient light sensor from its socket. Detach the display data cable from the logic board. Pull on the black plastic tab to disconnect the cable from its socket.

Step 5

Lift the front panel of the iPad from the back panel. Pry the ambient-light sensor board off the adhesive that's holding it to the display frame. Then, peel back the tape that's holding the digitizer to the display frame.

Step 6

Remove the three T4-Torx screws that are holding the display clips and LCD brackets into place. Use a small Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screws. Peel the display clips and tape from the display frame. Remove the remaining Torx screws from the display frame.

Step 7

Remove the LCD panel from the display frame. Use the flat-head prying tool to remove the LCD from the adhesive that is securing it to front glass panel. Or, you can leave it installed to prevent it from getting bent or breaking from too much pressure from trying to remove it.

Step 8

Remove and transfer the EMI tape near the top edge of the front glass panel to your new iPad glass panel. Remove the two Torx screws for the home-button switch.

Step 9

Use a heat gun to soften the adhesive that's holding the plastic frame to the front glass panel and remove it. Next, heat and remove the plastic frame near the digitizer cable from the front glass panel.

Step 10

Install the new iPad glass panel, and reassemble your iPad.