How to Repair Broken Laptop Keys

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Laptops literally make the world go round. Many people can't imagine a day without theirs. But when a laptop key breaks, you're usually forced to make a tough decision. Send it back to the manufacturer and be without it for a couple of weeks, or fix it yourself. Here are a few tips to help you do whichever you decide.

Step 1

Glue the laptop keys back on your keyboard. This method is only for the nimble fingered. Once the key has broken, inspect it. Many keys have plastic latches on them, or attach by "snapping" onto something. If this is the case, and the latch for the key simply broke into a couple of pieces, you can try Crazy Glue. Glue the pieces together and let them set for a few minutes. Then try snapping the key back into place on your keyboard.

Step 2

Purchase spare parts off websites. If the only thing you are missing is the actual laptop keys, then try to purchase one from ebay or sparepartswarehouse (see Resources below). This is like traveling to your local junkyard.

Step 3

Send the computer back to the manufacturer. If your laptop is under warranty, then you should definitely take advantage of the warranty program. If your laptop is no longer under warranty, this method of repair can be quite costly, as many manufacturers have tiered repair prices. Usually the first tier is several hundred dollars. Also, manufacturers are notoriously slow with getting your laptop back to you. It can take a month or more.

Step 4

Hire a laptop repair specialist. These guys cut to the chase when fixing your computer. They will be cheaper and quicker than the manufacturer, but by virtue of them working on the machines, they may void all or portions of your warranty. Check out the websites laptoprepair or laptoprescue (see Resources below for links) for more information on how to repair broken laptop keys.