How to Repair Certificate Errors

By Suvro Banerji

Certificate errors occurs when you attempt to open a website that has an unauthorized or faulty security certificate. Certificates encrypt all personal information that you share with a certain website. Certification errors are serious. You should think twice about sharing your information with a website that generates certificate errors. However, if you are confident about the authenticity of the website, you can get rid of them using your Internet Options settings. Note that you may require administrative rights to perform this task.

Step 1

Click the Start menu and select "Control Panel."

Step 2

Click "Classic View" in the left pane.

Step 3

Double-click "Internet Options."

Step 4

Click the tab titled "Advanced."

Step 5

Scroll down the list of options until you find the sub-heading "Security."

Step 6

Single-click to clear the check beside "Check for publisher's certificate revocation."

Step 7

Single-click to clear the check beside "Check for server certificate revocation."

Step 8

Click "OK." Next, click "Apply."

Step 9

Restart your Web browser. You will not see any certificate errors.

Tips & Warnings

  • Note that your Web browser will not check for server certificate revocation until you set it back to its original settings. Failure to do so may expose your computer to potential security threats like identity theft and malware attacks.