How to Repair IE Script Errors

By Techwalla Contributor

When you see the dreaded "Script Error" on your computer, it means that you have a corrupted registry. This is usually caused by downloading or upgrading a program you already have on your computer without uninstalling the original program. These creates conflicts in you computer's registry, thus generating the script error. Resolving the script error is usually easily done.

Step 1

If you want to upgrade software but have a previous version installed, make sure you totally uninstall the previous software. This also applies when you want to install install antivirus software but have a version from another manufacturer already installed. You must completely uninstall your first virus program before installing the new one to avoid conflicts and potential script errors.

Step 2

Verify that you have uninstalled previous versions of software by navigating to the "Start" menu and searching by name for the program that you have removed. If there are any remaining files associated with that program, delete those files and restart your computer.

Step 3

Run a complete virus scan on your computer the first time that script errors occur. Then open Internet Explorer to determine whether the script error repeats itself. If it returns, download and browse with another browser to determine whether the error only occurs with Internet Explorer. If the error only occurs when running Internet Explorer, then uninstall and reinstall Internet Explorer. Downgrade to an earlier version of Internet Explorer to determine whether the newer version has conflicts with your computer.

Step 4

Run from an Administrator account the Microsoft Fixit application ( by clicking the "Run Now" button to detect and automatically repair Internet Explorer problems.