How to Repeat on Spotify

If you have a hankering to hear the same song or an entire album or playlist repeated ad infinitum, you can listen repeatedly on your PC, thanks to the music streaming app Spotify. Spotify, which offers an ad-supported free version and a paid version, streams over 15 million songs and suggests new tunes, letting you create and share playlists, and allowing you to hear songs your Facebook friends are listening to simultaneously.

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Repeat on Spotify for Desktop 0.9.7+

To repeat your favorite playlist on Spotify, click the "Repeat" button. When your cursor hovers over the button, it displays "Repeat." If you click the "Repeat" button once, it turns green, and the entire playlist repeats. If you click the "Repeat" button again, the number "1" is displayed, letting you know the “Repeat One” feature has been turned on. At this point, the song you have highlighted repeats over and over until you click the "Repeat" button again to turn off the feature.

Repeat and Repeat One Not Available for IOS or Android

While Spotify is available for iOS and Android systems, the "Repeat" and "Repeat One" buttons are available only on PCs as of this writing.