How to Repeat on Spotify

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Spotify, the popular music streaming platform, lets you play a song, playlist or album on repeat.
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Spotify, the popular music streaming platform, lets you play a song, playlist or album on repeat. This can be useful if you want to hear the same music more than once. You can also choose whether to play a selection of music in the order it was released on an album or added to a playlist, or in a randomized order.


Spotify Repeat Symbols and Options

Spotify, the music-streaming app available for computers, phones and other devices like smart speakers, has become one of the most popular ways to listen to music. Like other music-playing programs, Spotify offers the ability to listen to music in a set order, in a random order and either on repeat or with each song or piece of music played only once.

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You can choose to listen to an entire album or playlist on repeat or even listen to a single song over and over as many times as you wish without needing to touch the device running Spotify. In general, you'll want to look for the Spotify symbol that shows two arrows pointing in opposite directions and forming a circle in order to active Spotify repeat play features.


Repeat a Song, Album or Playlist

By default, when you click or tap the Spotify repeat button, it will repeat the album or playlist where the song currently playing is found. The button will be highlighted when repeat mode is enabled.

If you click or tap it a second time, you will see a number 1 appear, which indicates that Spotify will play the selected song, rather than the entire album or playlist, on repeat. If you want to disable repeat mode altogether, click or tap the repeat button a third time. The button should then not be highlighted at all.


Enabling and Disabling Shuffle Play

When you listen to a Spotify album or playlist, you can choose whether to listen to it in the order it was released, the order songs were added to it or in a randomized, shuffled order. To toggle between the two settings, click or tap the Shuffle button, which looks like two arrows crossing one another.

When Shuffle mode is enabled, the songs will play in a randomized order. You may hear the same song more than once with this mode enabled before you hear all songs on the album or playlist.


Depending on your Spotify plan, you may have different options for when to enable and disable shuffle play. Consult the Spotify documentation for details.

Learning Spotify Symbol Meanings

Many different audio programs and devices use slightly different symbols to indicate the same functionality. This can be confusing if you are new to a program like Spotify or use multiple applications or equipment to listen to music.


If you're not sure what a particular symbol means in Spotify, you can move your mouse over it in the Spotify computer app or web app. If you are using a smartphone or tablet app, or otherwise want more information, you can take a look at Spotify's online manual. This includes video tutorials for using Spotify as well as a Spotify icon guide that can help demystify what the different symbols in the Spotify interface mean.

Getting Help with Spotify Problems

If you're still having trouble where Spotify isn't behaving the way you expect it to, you can fill out an online form to request help, reach out to Spotify on Twitter or discuss the issue with other Spotify users on an online forum run by the company.

Spotify doesn't offer phone support, although you can access chat or email support by filling out the online support forms