How to Repel Rats From Your Home

By Contributing Writer

Every time we see a rat at out home or in our locality we wish to get rid of it. Rats are dirty and can carry many diseases. They chew anything, including wiring. If you find these small species anywhere at your home them you must know how to repel them. Rats can hide in your home in some distinctive places like rock areas, wooden furniture, abandoned cars, crawl spaces, bushes, under bathtubs, in cupboards and others also. Trapping is the one way to catch them and put out of our habitat.

Step 1

Look for the areas rats may be hiding in your home--check behind appliances, in closets or in the attic. Place a trap pad in those locations.

Step 2

Use a food with a strong odor to lure the rats to the trap. If there are tree branches touching your home, trim it, as it is a way for rats and other unwanted animals to enter your home.

Step 3

Use rat kill pesticides to kill the rat if trap pads fail.

Step 4

Use cleaning phenyls regularly to keep your home clean.

Tips & Warnings

  • Rats are everywhere, and they do not discriminate.
  • Use cheese products in the trap pads to trap rats.
  • Rats reproduce fast, so getting rid of them is imminent.
  • Rats leave clues for the other rats to follow them, so look for entry points outside your home and block them off.

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