How to Replace the iPhone Microphone

By Michael Wallace

You can use the internal microphone on your iPhone to transmit and record external sound. The sound has a fairly decent quality, but like any electronic component it can become damaged or fail over time. If your iPhone's internal microphone isn't functioning properly, you can open up the unit and replace it yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Case opener tool
  • Small Phillips screwdriver

Step 1

Turn off your iPhone and turn the unit over. Insert the tip of your case opener tool in the gap where the bottom plastic panel meets the metal rear panel of the unit. Gently pry the panel off and set it aside.

Step 2

Remove the three screws on the bottom of the rear metal panel.

Step 3

Insert the tip of your case opener tool in the side of the panel and work your way around until it separates from the body of the unit. Unplug the ribbon cable that runs from the back panel to a port in the front half, and set the back panel aside.

Step 4

Unplug the three white antenna cables from their ports on the lower half of the main circuit board.

Step 5

Remove the ten screws on the outside edges of the unit, as well as the three screws from the top of the main circuit board.

Step 6

Lift the main circuit board and battery out of the housing and unplug the board cables from their ports in the housing. Set the board and battery aside.

Step 7

Use your fingers to pry the metal frame from the front of the housing.

Step 8

Use the tip of your screwdriver to pop the six clips (three on each side) from the sides of the LCD screen. Once done, remove the screen itself from the housing.

Step 9

Locate the small circular microphone in the bottom of the housing and remove it. Fit a new microphone in its place and reverse the steps for reassembly.

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