How to Reply to a Note on Tumblr

By Ashley Poland

Tumblr does not have a default system for responding to notes that you receive on your posts - in that respect Tumblr's commenting system is atypical. However, the third-party browser extension, Missing E, adds a number of functions to Tumblr, including a simple method for replying to notes by creating a new text post for your reply. This system works because only your followers can reply to your posts, so when you post your response it will appear on their dashboard. Missing E is available for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Things You'll Need

  • Missing Es

Step 1

Download Missing E for your preferred browser. For Chrome you'll be taken to the extension page, and to the add-on page for Firefox. The download will initiate for Safari immediately after you click the icon.

Step 2

Go to the post with notes you want to reply to on your dashboard. Missing E's reply system does not work on your individual page, but if you go to the post on your personal page you can click the "Dash" (not "Dashboard") button in the upper right corner to see the post on your dashboard.

Step 3

Open the notes for the post by clicking the notes icon in the upper right corner of the post. The notes icon will look like a piece of paper with the number of notes beside it.

Step 4

Click the reply icon on the right corner of the note. The icon will be a curved arrow pointing left if the note was a reply, or a lightbulb if they were answering a question post. This will open a new text post in a new tab, with the note in question in the format: "username replied to your post:" with their reply in a block quote. Missing E will also add the user's name as a tag.

Step 5

Fill out your reply below the block quote, and click "Create Post" when you're done.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also reply when people like your posts when you see the alert on your dashboard; simply click the heart icon on the right corner of the post.

References & Resources