How to Report Cell Phone Phishing

By Cameron

Cell phone phishing is on the rise almost quicker than the ever-expanding cell phone technology market. New identity theft pathways are opening up fast and exposing many cell phone users to messages or phone calls that are not made by them. If you suspect that your contact list has been hacked by an unidentified source, take action right away by documenting all suspicious calls or texts, notifying your cell phone provider and fixing any errors that may result in inaccuracies on your billing or credit report.

Step 1

Document the messages or phone calls sent to your phone. If it is a text message, write down the details of the message; the content of the text, the time it arrived and sender name (if applicable). If someone on your cell's contact list has received a message or phone call not made by you from your number, ask them for the details of the message or phone call and document it.

Step 2

Report the suspicious calls or messages to your cell phone provider immediately. Send copies of text messages and phone calls not made from yourself directly to their headquarters.

Step 3

Watch out for billing miscalculations. Report calls or text messages that you did not make to your cell phone provider. Follow their guidelines and rules for disputing unfair billing and fraudulent calling charges.

Step 4

Report continual or unresolved billing issues from your cell phone provider to your local Public Utility Commission. If your service provider is in another state, contact their state's Public Utility Commission. Send documents of billing statements as well as supporting documents to their department via mail or fax.

Step 5

Check your credit report for inaccuracies that may result from cell phone phishing or identity theft. Notify the consumer reporting company in writing about inaccuracies resulting from cell phone phishing. Make copies of documents and send them to your local consumer reporting agency to support your claim.

Step 6

Dispute the creditor. Write a letter statement supporting your claim with copies of supporting documents.