How to Report Comcast TV Problems

If you have cable television through Comcast, you might encounter a problem at some point. Some problems that you can have with your Comcast cable TV include having sound and no video; having video and no sound; having the image on the TV go in and out or get pixelated; and not having any service at all. Comcast offers three ways for you to report problems you might have with your service.

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Call Comcast at 800-266-2278 if you need immediate assistance. You will need to enter in your home phone number so that your account can be accessed. The representative will also verify your identity by asking you to confirm your service address. Let the representative know that you are having problems so that you can get assistance.


Use your computer to get help via the Comcast live chat Web page (See Resources). This allows you to report the problem to a Comcast representative via the Internet.


Send Comcast customer service a message via its email Web page (See Resources). Give as many details as you can about the problem you are having. You will also need to include your account number and service address.

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