How to Reprogram a MetroPCS Phone

By Kristy Robinson

Occasionally it becomes necessary to correct programming information in a phone. Each manufacturer and cell phone company has specific programming codes and access codes to program their phones with; however, most phones are generally programmed the same way. To complete this you will need the three numbers specific only to your phone and can get these numbers by calling customer service. For MetroPCS, that includes your MDN, MIN and Home SID. These numbers are entered into the phone when it is first activated and should already be there, but confirming them is always advised. The below information is not relevant to BlackBerry devices.

Things You'll Need

  • MetroPCS phone
  • Your MDN and MIN
  • MetroPCS Home SID
  • Programming codes
  • MetroPCS security code

Step 1

Enter the service programming code. This is specific to the manufacturer and model of the phone. On older models, go to the Menu then "Settings" and press "*" or press the "1" key six times and select options from the bottom of the screen. Select the "NAM" option. Most phones come with the option to select either NAM1 or NAM2. Enter the SPC code that is given to you by customer service.

Step 2

Highlight or click on "MDN" or begin typing the MDN if the screen displays with only that option. For touch screen models, touch the box under "Edit MDN," then enter the MDN which is your MetroPCS phone number.

Step 3

Highlight or click on "MIN" or begin typing your MIN if the screen displays with only that option. For touch screen models, touch the box under "Edit MIN," then enter the MIN that customer service provides.

Step 4

Highlight or click on "Home SID" or touch the box under "Edit Home SID" and enter the SID number provided by customer service.

Step 5

Click "Save" or "Done," and, if the phone does not turn off or reset, click the "End" button, which is the red phone symbol.

Tips & Warnings

  • Should assistance be needed, or to obtain specific information for the phone, call customer service at 1-888-8Metro8 from any phone except the phone that needs programming. A MetroPCS phone cannot be programmed while it is in use.
  • Programming a phone is not a valid troubleshooting step to correct service issues, and some phones limit how many times you can enter the code before the phone will lock the user out. Then it will have to be shipped back to the manufacturer to have it unlocked.