How to Request a Return Receipt

By Techwalla Internet Editor

If you want to know when other people receive and open your emails, you can request a return receipt. A return receipt is an email notification you get when the receiver opens your email message.

Step 1

Select "Tools" from the New Message menu to request a receipt in Outlook Express 6. Before sending an individual email for which you want a receipt, check the "Request Read Receipt" box. You can also set Outlook Express to give you a receipt for all messages sent, without requesting one each time. To do this, choose "Options" from the Tools menu and navigate to the "Receipts" tab. Check "Request Read Receipt for All Messages sent," and click OK.

Step 2

Click on the "RR" button at the top of the message box in which you are writing your message when using Eudora. If you want to request a return receipt for every outgoing message, go into Preferences and check this option.

Step 3

Go to the Tools menu in Entourage 2004 and select "Accounts" from the drop-down menu. Under the "Mail" tab, select the account you want a return receipt from and double click. This brings up the "Edit Account" box. Click on the "Options" tab. Find "Additional Headers" under "Message Options." Under "Header," type "Disposition-Notification-To" and your email address.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you find the "Request Receipt" option grayed out in Outlook Express 6, try turning on the "Secure Receipts" option. Go to "Tools," then "Options." Click on the "Receipts" tab and then check the "Secure Receipts" box to get into the menu.
  • Keep in mind that this is a request and the receiver has the option to say yes or no to your request. They may also have the option to send a return receipt now, later or never.
  • Return receipts are not an option in Entourage 2008, but you can subscribe to a fee-based service that will provide email return receipts.