How to Reset a BlackBerry to Factory Settings

By Fatima Farakh

The BlackBerry smart phone is a device that is often preferred by professionals due its usability and diverse range of business-oriented applications. BlackBerry phones can be restored to the factory or default settings that initially existed on the device prior to usage. Resetting a BlackBerry to factory settings is useful if you want to sell the device or give it to someone else. You may also experience that extensive usage of the phone has impacted its functionality, which may be improved by restoring it to its default settings.

Step 1

Click "Options" on the "Home" screen of the BlackBerry device.

Step 2

Move the cursor down to "Security Options" and select it.

Step 3

Click "Security Wipe." Select each of the boxes in the prompt that appears and choose "Continue."

Step 4

Type "blackberry" without the quotes and click "Wipe."

Tips & Warnings

  • Resetting a BlackBerry device to factory settings will remove all data stored on the device.