How to Reset a Gmail Forgotten Password

By C. Taylor

It's common to forget a password these days. For security reasons, Gmail does not give you your password. Instead, it resets the password, which you can manually change to whatever you prefer. Before you can reset the password, you need to confirm you are the account holder by verifying certain information. This might be a security questions, alternative email or other data confirmation.

Step 1

Go to the Gmail login page.

Step 2

Click "Can't access your account?"

Step 3

Enter the full email address, or Gmail username, associated with the account.

Step 4

Type the graphically displayed text in the text field and click "Continue."

Step 5

Select the confirmation method. You can choose between "Answer your security question," "Email to..." or "I no longer have access to these."

Step 6

Confirm the data by entering the answer to your security question, or clicking a link in the confirmation email, sent to the alternative email. If you did not have access to those, enter as much information as you can in the next page. It will ask numerous questions in an effort to establish your identity.

Step 7

Enter a new password and re-enter it in the fields provided.

Step 8

Click "Reset password" to reset your Gmail password.