How to Reset a Google Gmail Password

By KR Knowlin

Losing or forgetting Google login information can keep you from accessing your Gmail inbox and all its features. Google offers various security settings and account recovery tools to help you protect your account and to aid you in accessing your Gmail inbox if you have forgotten your password or account username. When resetting your password, Google uses the current recovery email address you have on file.

Step 1

Visit Google's Gmail password recovery page at

Step 2

Enter your Gmail email address into the Email Address field of the Google Accounts Web page.

Step 3

Click the "Submit" button. A new page loads. A blinking cursor appears in the text field of the new page.

Step 4

Type the letters as they appear in the distorted picture above the text field.

Step 5

Click the "Submit" button. Gmail sends a reset email to the recovery address you have listed for your account.

Step 6

Open the reset email from Gmail when it arrives in your recovery email inbox.

Step 7

Follow the instructions provided in the email to reset your Gmail password.