How to Reset a Television When the Power Will Not Work

By Nina Nixon

Typically, your television will need to be reset after you relocate it, connect different electronics to it or after a power outage occurs. If the power cords to your television do not need adjusting, a simple reset may work fine. In some cases, the television may need to be completely reset back to its factory default settings. All three resolutions are easy to do and will only take a few moments of your time.

Step 1

Check the power connections first to rule out any problems there. Unplug the power cord from television and the cable, if applicable. Wait 10 seconds, re-plug and press the "Power" button on the remote control or television control panel. If your television is not repaired, go to the next step.

Step 2

Reset the television. Press and hold down the "Power" button on the television control panel. Wait 10 seconds to reset the television. If your television is not repaired, go to the next step.

Step 3

Reset the television to its factory default settings. Press the "Menu" button on the television control panel or remote control.

Step 4

Highlight "Installation," press "Enter" and open the "System Status" menu.

Step 5

Highlight "System Information" and press "Enter"

Step 6

Press the either "<" and ">" arrow and then press "Factory Defaults" when it appears.

Step 7

Enter your four-digit "PIN code" or enter "0000" as your "PIN code" if you did not set it previously.

Step 8

Highlight the "Yes" option and then press "Enter." Wait until the television turns off -- about 10 seconds -- and then unplug the television power cord.

Step 9

Plug in the television power cord to complete the default factory setting process.

Tips & Warnings

  • To cancel the factory reset process at the next to very last minute, after you enter your PIN code, highlight "No" and press "Enter."
  • These steps apply to most television models, however, refer to your the user manual for your specific television model for additional recommendations.
  • You television may not display a picture if you connect a standard video cable and S-video cable to the "Video 1" input. Check the video cable input connections before applying these steps.