How to Reset a Verizon LG Cosmos

By Shawn McClain

The LG Cosmos is a slider-style messaging device that features a small numeric keypad on its front, along with a slide-out full QWERTY keypad on the bottom part of the phone. Along with numerous software features in the Cosmos menu system, LG included two different ways to reset the phone. The first option will reset the settings back to their factory defaults, to help solve any software issues on the phone. The second option will erase everything on the device, making it useful for anyone who is giving or throwing, the phone away.

Step 1

Press the center button to access the main menu on the Cosmos. Scroll down to "Settings and Tools" and press the center button to select it.

Step 2

Press the number 8 button to access the "Phone Settings" menu. Then press 7 to access the security menu. Type in your four-digit lock code using the keypad. The lock code will be the last four digits of the phone number, unless you changed it to something else.

Step 3

Press the number 5 to revert all the device's settings back to their factory defaults, or press the number 6 to erase all of the information you have added to the device.

Step 4

Press the center button when the warning message appears. If you chose option 5 press the center button again to complete the reset. If you chose option 6, you will have to enter your lock code again, and then press the center button.