How to Reset an HP PC

By Kay Dean

You're typing along on your Hewlett Packard (HP) computer, when something goes wrong. Maybe it's running as slow as molasses or it's continually freezing on you. Rather than calling a repair shop or throwing the computer in the trash, try resetting--or restoring--the PC. During the initial setup of a new HP PC, a restore point will be created; after that, the restore point will be updated to include the newest information for your computer. When you experience problems with the PC, you can reset it to a previous date to try and fix the problem.

Things You'll Need

  • CD-R, DVD-R or flash drives

Step 1

Back up all your important documents, data and pictures. You can copy pictures and documents to a CD-R, DVD-R or flash drives. If you have an email address with Yahoo or Gmail, you can send documents and pictures to yourself. If you use Outlook and have a smartphone or PDA, sync the handheld to Outlook to back up your calendar, addresses, notes and tasks. Technically, a reset/restore process does not erase your documents, pictures or data, but it's a good practice to back up things just in case.

Step 2

Click the Start 'flying windows' icon in the lower left corner of the screen. This will open up the Start menu. Scroll to "All Programs" and click. This will open up the list of programs loaded onto your computer. Scroll to "Accessories" and click. Then scroll to "System Tools" and click. Scroll to "System Restore" and click.

Step 3

Follow the instructions on the computer screen. If your computer is running Vista, you might have a box appear, asking for permission to continue; click OK to allow the program to proceed.

Step 4

Watch for a box to appear; this might take several minutes. The computer is determining when the last reset/restore point was made in the computer. When the box appears, it will ask if you want the computer restored to this point; click "Next" if this is fine. If you want a different date, select that choice; a box will appear asking you to select the date you want. When you have chosen it, click "Next."

Step 5

Wait for the HP computer to go through the reset process; don't try to adjust anything during this time. After the reset is finished, check your documents, pictures and data; if anything is missing, restore it with the backup copies you made.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the first reset/restore doesn't fix the problem, try resetting the computer to an earlier date.