How to Reset an iPod If You Forgot Your Screen Lock Password

By Katrina Matterhorn

The iPod gives you the ability to store and listen to or view both music and video files. The iPod Touch offers mobile email and Internet connectivity, in addition to having a media player. You can reset your iPod password if you have forgotten it by using the iTunes "Restore" feature.

Things You'll Need

  • iTunes

Step 1

Connect the iPod to the computer by placing one end of its USB cable into the computer's USB port and the other end into the iPod's data port. The iTunes program should launch, or you can double-click the iTunes icon from the desktop to open the program.

Step 2

Click the iPod icon beneath "Devices" on the left side of the iTunes screen.

Step 3

Click "Summary," and then click "Restore."

Step 4

Click "Restore" once more.

Step 5

Click "OK" once you receive the restore completion message.

Tips & Warnings

  • Back up any data you need on your iPod such as music or videos before applying the "Restore" process. Restoring your iPod will delete all media on the device. You can also click "File" on the iTunes screen and select "Transfer Purchases from (Your name)'s iPod." This will transfer your media to iTunes within the "Purchased" folder so that you can save it before restoring your iPod.