How to Reset an iPod Nano to Factory Settings

By Chris Anzalone

The iPod Nano can hold thousands of songs and other media files on a drive smaller than a penny. Despite this impressive feat, the Nano has its share of problems, just like any iPod. If your Nano freezes, fails to play audio or exhibits other functionality problems, you should begin by restarting the device (hold "Menu" and "Select" for six seconds, until the Apple logo appears). If restarting fails to remedy your problem, you will probably need to perform a factory restore, which removes all content from iPod but tackles defects at a much deeper level than a simple reset.

Things You'll Need

  • iPod Nano USB cable
  • iTunes software

Step 1

Connect your iPod to your PC.

Step 2

Open iTunes.

Step 3

Click on your iPod's icon in the left column of your iTunes browser.

Step 4

Click the "Restore" button in the lower right corner of your Nano's "Options" screen. Click "Restore" a second time to confirm the action.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you do not have your files stored on your computers, you can back them up using an iPod-to-PC program.