How to Reset an RCA TV

RCA TVs have multiple reset options, depending on your needs. Resetting the entire TV is a simple procedure, but RCA recommends it only when there appears to be a major system failure, such as when the television turns itself off or on randomly. For a full reset, unplug the TV from the electrical outlet and leave it unplugged for at least five minutes before plugging it back in and turning it on.

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Don't get mad at the TV when it's simple to reset it.
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Other Resets

You might be a parent who forgot the parental lock password and you need to reset it, or the brightness and audio settings might need to return to factory settings. The procedures vary between RCA television models, so check your user manual for the exact process for your TV. On some models, such as the 1616362B, turn off the television, then press the "Volume Down" button on the TV and the "Clear" button on the remote at the same time. Press them both for five seconds, then release and turn on the TV. When it's time to enter your parental password, the system should ask you to reset it. If you need to reset other settings such as picture quality or brightness, look for an "All Reset" option under the "Setup" or "Others" menus. Selecting this option returns all the settings to their factory defaults.