How to Reset Answering Machines

By Nick Davis

From answering your telephone when you are busy or away, to broadcasting a generic message to callers, an answering machine is a key part of your home or office phone system. When the device is working properly, it not only records and playbacks messages, but also informs you of the date and time of the call. If your answering machine is not recording messages, displaying an error code or is presenting another problem, you can reset the device and restore it to a working state.

Step 1

Turn the answering machine over so the bottom of the device is facing you. Locate the machine's battery door, if the device is equipped with a battery backup. If the device is not equipped with a battery backup, skip to step 3.

Step 2

Remove the answering machine's battery from the bottom of the device.

Step 3

Unplug the answering machine's power cord. Leave the power cord unplugged or one minute.

Step 4

Plug in the device's power cord. The answering machine is now reset.

Step 5

Reinstall the answering machine's battery, if required.

Step 6

Reset the answering machine's clock, if equipped. Then, record your new message. Refer to the instructions in the user's manual, if necessary.

Tips & Warnings

  • Reset the answering machine whenever a power failure occurs or the device is experiencing problems.