How to Reset Any iPod Shuffle

By Techwalla Contributor

Apple's iPod shuffle provides a compact device to carry your music. The shuffle generally performs well and rarely locks up. However, when it does freeze or lock up, there is no obvious way of resetting it. Fortunately resetting a first, second, third or fourth generation iPod shuffle only takes a few moments and doesn't require any special computer skills. Resetting using this method won't erase your music.

Things You'll Need

  • ipod

Step 1

Eject your iPod shuffle from the computer using iTunes if it is connected before proceeding. Wait for the message that it's safe to eject, then unplug the iPod shuffle.

Step 2

Move the power switch to the "Off" position. The green stripe shouldn't be visible in the off position.

Step 3

Wait ten seconds. Move the switch to the play position in first and third generation shuffles. Move the power switch to "On" in second and fourth generation shuffles. With any type, the green stripe should be visible to finish the reset process.