How to Reset BIOS Admin Password for IBM Thinkpad T60

By Jeff Grundy

More than ever, protecting sensitive data and documents on your computer is essential. If you have an IBM ThinkPad T60 laptop, you should reset the BIOS admin password occasionally to keep others from changing parameters that could grant them access to your hard drive and operating system. After all, you never know when someone is peeking over your shoulder while you are using your laptop.

Step 1

Turn off the power to the ThinkPad T60 notebook and leave it off for five to 10 seconds. Press and hold the "F1" key as you press the power button to turn on the T60. Wait for the LCD screen to display the "Easy-Setup" menu.

Step 2

Enter the current supervisor (BIOS admin) password when prompted, then press the "Enter" key. Click the "Password" option in the Easy-Setup utility, then click the "Supervisor" icon. To change the current password, enter the supervisor password and press the space bar.

Step 3

Enter the new supervisor password in the text field on the pop-up window, then press the "Enter" key. When prompted, enter the new password for confirmation and again press the "Enter" key. The utility resets the BIOS admin password.