How to Reset Phoenix BIOS

By Larry Amon

The BIOS is the basic operating system for the hardware of your computer. The BIOS has basic settings that need to be read by your operating system, and it is what gets your computer started before you get into your operating system. Sometimes the BIOS gets corrupted, and you need to reset it to get your computer working correctly. Resetting the BIOS is fairly simple once you find the right jumper.

Step 1

Find the manual for your motherboard. You will need to go to your motherboard manufacturer's website if you don't have the manual. When choosing which motherboard you have, be sure to pick the right one with the Phoenix BIOS.

Step 2

Open the computer case, and locate the BIOS jumper according to the motherboard manual. The BIOS chip will say Phoenix on it, and the jumper will likely be near the BIOS chip.

Step 3

Pull the BIOS jumper straight up. The jumper is a small piece of black plastic that slides over two or three pins.

Step 4

Start the computer, and allow the computer to boot all the way up. Shut the computer down. Go back and put the BIOS jumper back the way it was originally, and then restart the computer. When the computer starts, you will see the Phoenix BIOS logo, and then it will tell you which key to hit to enter the BIOS setup. Hit that key to go into the BIOS, and confirm it has been reset.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have flashed the BIOS, you will not be able to reset it.