How to Reset Phone Settings

By LaTasha Rogers

Resetting your cellphone returns it to its factory settings and wipes out its data. You may want to upgrade your old phone and get a newer model, or just start fresh with your old one. Resetting your phone to the original settings should be the first thing you do before getting rid of your old phone. This will prevent others from gaining access to your contacts and personal information stored in your old phone. Remember that your contacts will be lost once the phone is reset.

Step 1

Press the "Menu" key, followed by "Settings" on your cell phone's keypad.

Step 2

Select the "Security" option through your phone's menu options.

Step 3

Navigate to the "Reset Phone" options, or the equivalent menu on your cellphone. Your phone will shut off and all data in your phone will erase.

Step 4

Wait for your phone to turn back on. All settings will be restored to the factory settings.