How to Reset Refilled HP Ink Cartridges

By Paul Ramone

Resetting ink cartridges is a necessary task for those cartridge embedded with electronic chips. Hewlett-Packard cartridges make use of this technology to curtail consumers from refilling their empty HP cartridges. Thankfully, if you have recently refilled one of your HP printer cartridges and want to utilize it in your HP printer, you can do so with a basic printer reset. Resetting the HP printer will reset the cartridge's chip and allow you to freely print with refilled cartridges.

Step 1

Install the recently refilled HP cartridge into the HP printer, then turn the printer on.

Step 2

Hold the "Resume" button on your HP printer's control panel

Step 3

Let go of the "Resume" key after 15 seconds. Your HP printer will perform a "hard" reset and acknowledge the presence of the refilled cartridge. You are now able to print as if the cartridge was a brand new replacement.