How to Reset the BIOS Password on a HP Compaq DC 7800

By Jason Artman

The HP Compaq dc7800 is a business desktop computer available with three different chassis styles. Because the dc7800 is a business computer, it is possible that you might purchase a used computer with a power-on or BIOS password set. This can happen if a previous owner configured a power-on password and then forgot to remove it before selling the computer. You can remove the power-on password for an HP Compaq dc7800. The method for removing the battery that retains the password differs slightly, depending on the version of the computer.

Step 1

Shut the HP Compaq dc7800 down and disconnect every cable from the computer case. Relocate the computer case to a sturdy work surface.

Step 2

Examine the HP Compaq dc7800 chassis to determine how to open the side panel. If you have a lever on the side of the computer, pull the lever to release the side panel. If the computer has two buttons on opposite sides of the chassis, push and hold the buttons to release the panel. If the computer has a large knob on the back, turn the knob counter-clockwise to release the panel. You may need to pull the panel slightly toward the back of the computer to disconnect the internal-locking tabs before lifting it off of the dc7800 chassis.

Step 3

Locate the small metallic coin cell battery inside the dc7800 chassis. If the battery is under an expansion card, see "Tips." If the battery is horizontal, place your finger and thumb on opposite sides of the battery and wiggle gently to release it from the holder. If the battery is vertical, pull the metal tab on the edge of the battery and lift it out of the holder.

Step 4

Reconnect all cables to the back of the dc7800 chassis, and turn the computer on. As the computer turns on, it does not prompt for a password. Allow the operating system to load fully, and then shut it down. Remove all cables once again.

Step 5

Replace the coin cell battery. If your dc7800 has a horizontal battery holder, place the battery into the holder with the "+" side facing up. If it has a vertical holder, the "+" side faces the metal tab.

Step 6

Replace the side panel for the HP Compaq dc7800 chassis and return the computer to its original location.

Tips & Warnings

  • Depending on the configuration of your HP Compaq dc7800, you may find that an expansion card covers the coin cell battery. To remove an expansion card, unscrew the Phillips-head screw holding the metal bracket on the edge of the card to the HP Compaq dc7800 chassis. Lift the card up and out of its slot, and place it on a static- and lint-free surface until you are ready to replace it.