How to Reset the Cable on a Comcast Motorola

By Greyson Ferguson

If you use Comcast to receive your cable programming and you use an external cable box, you more than likely have a Motorola cable box. This box receives the television programming from Comcast and unscrambles the signal so that you can view cable content. However, you may run into an issue with the Motorola box, and either your channels are lost or you cannot access a specific function. When something like this occurs you need to reset the cable running to the device.

Step 1

Press and hold the "Power" button on the Motorola cable box until it shuts down. Leave the cable box shut down for a few minutes.

Step 2

Press the "Power" button again and allow the Motorola cable box to boot up. Once the device has fully booted up, attempt to access the desired content.

Step 3

Call Comcast if this did not fix the problem (1-800-COMCAST). The local Comcast number appears on your bills, or you can obtain it on the Internet.

Step 4

Follow the prompts on the automated telephone line until you reach "Equipment issues", and then select "Reset Cable Receiver". Once you select this, you are told that you can lose any saved information when you perform a reset. Continue with the order to send a reset to your Motorola device.

Step 5

Wait a few minutes for the order to reach your receiver. Once it does, it shuts down and you may see a series of blinking lights appear on the device. Wait for it to load, and when it does, the device has been reset.