How to Reset the Ink Cartridge in an HP Printer

By Pamela Gardapee

Each Hewlett Packard (HP) ink cartridge has copper contacts on the bottom, and this is where the ink flows from when printing. These contacts also tell the printer whether a replaced cartridge is new or the same old cartridge used previously. If you refill an old cartridge with ink and try to reinsert that cartridge, you will need to do a hard reset of the printer so that the printer will recognize the refilled cartridge as "new" and reset the ink levels. This way, the printer will not display the message that one of the cartridges is out of ink.

Things You'll Need

  • Refilled ink cartridge
  • Transparent (or office) tape

Step 1

Turn over the ink cartridge. You will see the copper contacts. Hold the cartridge so that the copper contacts are the closest to your body.

Step 2

Place a small piece of transparent tape on the seventh (top) copper contact in the second row from the left side. Place the cartridge in the printer and run an alignment test page by pressing "OK" on the front of the printer when you see the orange light blinking.

Step 3

Remove the cartridge from the printer. Keep the first piece of tape in place. Place another piece of transparent tape over the sixth (top) contact in the second row in from the right side. Place the ink cartridge in the printer. Run another alignment test page.

Step 4

Remove the ink cartridge from the printer. Carefully remove the two pieces of tape, making sure to remove any adhesive left on the cartridge from the tape. Place the ink cartridge in the printer. The ink level gauge window will show on the computer screen, reading that the ink cartridge is full.