How to Reset the Internet Explorer Toolbar

By Mike Benson

The default Internet Explorer toolbar contains commonly used menus and functions for the browser. As you use Internet Explorer, some programs or other users may make changes to the program that affect the appearance of the toolbar. If you would like to reset the appearance of the toolbar back to its original default, you can do so within the browser's options menu.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Step 2

Click "Tools" on the top of the window. This displays a context menu. If you cannot find the Tools option, press the "Alt" and "T" keys simultaneously to display the menu.

Step 3

Click "Toolbars." This displays a submenu. Click to place a check mark next to "Favorites Bar," "Command Bar" and "Status Bar." Click to uncheck any other options you do not want.

Step 4

Click "Customize" at the bottom of the menu. This opens a "Customize Toolbar" window on your screen.

Step 5

Click the "Reset" button, and then click "Close." The changes take effect immediately.