How to Reset the Sensor on an Epson Ink Cartridge

By Si Kingston

You cannot reset a sensor on an Epson ink cartridge if it is completely empty. The cartridge must have at least 10 percent of its ink left. To determine this, you can weigh the cartridge on a scale. It should weigh about 21.5 grams. You will require a chip resetter to reset the cartridge. The type of resetter depends on the pin number of the Epson ink cartridge; some resetters are designed to reset seven-pin Epson cartridges and others are designed for nine-pin cartridges. To determine the number of pins, count the gold contacts on the outside of the cartridge.

Things You'll Need

  • Epson chip resetter

Step 1

Locate the gold terminals on the exterior of the cartridge, and the metal pins on the Epson chip resetter.

Step 2

Line the pins on the Epson chip resetter to the gold pads on the terminal of the cartridge chip.

Step 3

Hold the adapter firmly against the gold pads on the cartridge for about three or four seconds, until you see a steady green LED light on the chip resetter. This indicates that the reset was successful. (Some chip resetters may not have a green LED light. Check the specific instructions to use each chip resetter.)