How to Reset Voicemail When You Forget the Code

By Mandy Slake

When you set up a voicemail box, the voicemail system prompts you to enter a password. Many systems don't ask for the password when you dial from the phone, so it's not unusual for people to forget their password. Most carriers have several ways for users to reset their voicemail password. For some methods, you don't even need to wait on hold or talk to a live person. Once your password is reset, the voicemail system will prompt you to choose a new password.

Step 1

Log into your account on the cellular provider's website. Many providers offer the ability to reset your voicemail password from inside your account.

Step 2

Dial "*611" from your cellular phone and listen to the menu prompts. Some carriers allow you to reset the voicemail password from the automated system. If there is no option to reset the voicemail password, talk to a customer service agent and the agent can reset the password for you.

Step 3

Call your voicemail system from the phone with the same phone number. Most systems can tell when you are dialing from the same phone and will not ask for a password. Once you are inside the voicemail box, you can reset the password through the menus.

Step 4

Try texting a blank message to "#793#". On some systems, this will reset your password to the last four digits of your phone number.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't have your phone with you and don't know the toll-free number for your carrier, you can call one of your carrier's local stores and they can give you the number or transfer you.