How to Resize a BMP

By Kefa Olang

A BMP is an image format that is generally quite large because images in this format are uncompressed. It is the standard image format for Windows operating systems. While BMP images are quite large, you can resize them to a different resolution if you want to upload them to a website or device with a size limitation. Resize your BMP files easily without downloading software.

Step 1

Go to an image resizing website such as or These websites allow you to resize your BMP image without downloading an application.

Step 2

Click "Browse" and select the BMP image you want to resize from the folder or location you saved it in on your computer. Click "Open" to upload it to the online resizing tool.

Step 3

Select the image size you want to use. Select "BMP" on the output format window to maintain the same format.

Step 4

Click "Resize image" or "Resize picture" to resize the image to the resolution you selected.

Step 5

Click "Save to disc" or "Save" after resizing the image. Select the location on your computer to save the file to. Type a name for the resized BMP image and click "Save" to download it to your computer.

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