How to Resize & Email Photos

By Joshua Laud

Photographs taken with today's high-megapixel digital cameras can often be too large in file size to distribute via email. If you have high-resolution photographs you can re-size them for emailing using Windows Photo Gallery, provided on all Windows operating systems since Vista (renamed as Windows Live Photo Gallery in Windows 7). Windows Live Photo Gallery can automatically make the necessary adjustments for email.

Bring Photos Down to Size

Step 1

Browse to the photograph on your computer, right-click the photo and click "Open with Windows (Live) Photo Gallery." If the option isn't there, select "Open With..." and choose "Windows Photo Gallery" from the list of options.

Step 2

Select the photograph in Windows Photo Gallery, then click "E-mail" if you only want to re-size the photograph for email. Choose "Medium" from the "Select a size" drop-down menu, and make sure that the image isn't above 2 megabytes in size. Typically email clients have a 2MB file size limit. Click "Attach" to create the email form, then enter your message, the "To" address, and click "Send."

Step 3

If you want to save a re-sized version of the image, select the photograph in Windows Photo Gallery, then click "File," and "Resize." Click the "Select a size" drop-down menu and choose a resolution at which to save your photograph. If you select "Medium: 1024" this will maintain photograph quality but sufficiently reduce file size for email. Click "Browse" and choose a folder for your saved images, perhaps creating a folder for "Resized Images." Click "Resize and Save."