How to Restart a Kindle

By Vera Leigh

You have powered up your Kindle, the pencil-thin wireless reading device from that has the capacity to hold more than 1,500 books. But your Kindle is not responding. It's likely that you need to restart your little reading machine. Resetting your Kindle is an easy task and requires following a few simple steps. But it will require your patience -- for at least 15 seconds.

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with the machine. offers Kindle owners an online diagram with labeled parts to better understand the machine's important buttons and functions.

Step 2

Disconnect the Kindle from its power source. Kindle reading devices often are powered via a micro-USB cable plugged into the machine on one end and a wall power outlet on the other end. Pull out the micro-USB cord and hold the Kindle in your hands.

Step 3

Slide the power button to the right and hold. This button is located on top of the Kindle beside the headphone jack.'s diagram shows the power button on the diagram labeled "Top View" here. Place one finger on the power button, slide it toward the right and hold it for 15 seconds. Then, release the button, according to's Kindle Troubleshooting page.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you do not use your Kindle for 10 minutes, it automatically will take a nap. Wake up your Kindle by sliding the power button to the right and releasing it. If you hold the power button for four seconds, you will turn it off.

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