How to Restore a Deleted Text on a BlackBerry

By Michael E Carpenter

Deleting a text that is needed later can be very frustrating. Restoring a deleted text on your BlackBerry is a multiple-step process. Unfortunately, the BlackBerry does not offer an option to restore texts. Retrieving the text can be completed through a simple search through all past texts on your BlackBerry. Finding the text message may be the most difficult aspect of the process. Once found, the text must then be emailed back to your BlackBerry.

Step 1

Select the "Search" icon in the Applications section of your BlackBerry to review deleted files. The search icon is an A with a magnifying glass above it. Select "Messages," which will be the top selection. Enter into the search anything that you can remember about the text, such as keywords or names.

Step 2

Opening the deleted text and click on the roller bar to bring up options. Select "Copy," which will be the top option.

Step 3

Open up your email on the BlackBerry. Select the option to create a new message. Address the email to yourself. Copy the text into the body of the email and send it to yourself. The email will come to your BlackBerry, and the message will be restored.

Tips & Warnings

  • Free software, such as Dexrex, will back up all texts and contacts listed in your BlackBerry (see Resources). These software programs can then be search on your BlackBerry or on a computer.

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