How to Restore a Disabled iPod

By David Lipscomb

Ipods, like all other pieces of personal electronics, can lock up or otherwise act up. Apple has created a fail-safe for iPods, allowing users to restore the unit to its original settings. While this will delete any music on the iPod, a quick re-sync with iTunes fixes this in short order. All that is required are the things that typically come with the iPod, iTunes and a PC or Mac.

Things You'll Need

  • iPod
  • iPod charging cable and adapter
  • PC or Mac
  • Copy of iTunes

Step 1

Open iTunes on the PC or Mac. Dock the iPod and wait for iTunes to recognize its presence.

Step 2

Click on the iPod icon. Once the iPod settings menu opens, click on the "Restore" button to begin the process. Confirm that you want to do this when the message window opens.

Step 3

Allow iTunes to restore the iPod's firmware. Once completed, iTunes will prompt you to remove the iPod and connect it to the charging cable and adapter.

Step 4

Remove the iPod from the dock. Connect the iPod to the charging cable. Plug the charging cable into the supplied power adapter, then plug the adapter into an available AC outlet. Allow the iPod's restoration process to complete as indicated on the unit's display.

Step 5

Plug the iPod back into the computer. iTunes will then fill the unit with content if the iPod is not irreparably damaged.