How to Restore a Toshiba Laptop to Factory Mode

By Si Kingston

Restoring a Toshiba system will restore the factory settings back on the system and remove any files and programs that have been stored on the system since that time. The factory settings include any programs including original trial software and the original operating system that were on the hard drive when it was first purchased. Since all files will be deleted, before restoring you should save all files onto an external hard drive or memory device, or burn them to a CD or DVD disk.

Step 1

Shut the Toshiba completely down.

Step 2

Press the power button and "0" key at the same time. The "0" key will initiate the restore process.

Step 3

Hit either the "1," "2" or "3" key to select the recovery utility. Option "1" will restore the original factory image (recommended), option "2" will restore the hard drive disk on partition on the C: drive only and option "3" will restore the recovery image to the entire hard drive disk without utilizing the recovery partition. The last two options should be selected by advanced users only.

Step 4

Choose "Recovery of Factory Default Software" and click the "Next" button.

Step 5

Select "Recover to out-of-the-box state" and the restore process will begin.

Step 6

Press any key to restart the system once recovery is complete.