How to Restore a Windows XP Computer to Factory Settings

By Chad Buleen

It can be easy to do something to your computer that adversely affects it or otherwise damages its internal system. Whether you accidentally download a virus or some kind of malware gains access to your computer, you can make changes to your Windows XP computer. Windows XP includes a System Restore feature that allows you to restore your computer to a certain point. You can even restore the computer to factory settings.

Step 1

Select the "Start" button at the bottom left of your desktop.

Step 2

Choose "All Programs" from the list. Click on the "Accessories" folder. A list will appear beneath "Accessories."

Step 3

Click the "System Tools" folder and select "System Restore." A new window will appear.

Step 4

Select "Restore my computer to an earlier time." Click the "Next" button. The "Select a Restore Point" page will open.

Step 5

Use the arrows to scroll to the date on which you first set up the computer. Click on this date. Click "Next." The "Confirm Restore Point Selection" page will open.

Step 6

Click "Next." Windows XP will shut down and restart. Click "OK" when the "Restoration Complete" page appears. You now have restored your Windows XP computer to factory settings.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may use System Restore to undo your most recent restoration.