How to Restore an Acer Laptop to Factory Condition

By Candace Benson

Restoring your Acer laptop to factory condition may be a good option if your laptop's operating system has become unstable due to damaged files, viruses, or spyware. You may also wish to restore your laptop prior to selling or giving your laptop to someone else. The restoration process will vary based on the age and model of your Acer laptop. Older models included System and Recovery disks, while newer models feature an "eRecovery Management" application, "D2D Recovery," and the ability to burn system recovery disks through the eRecovery console. Please consult your user guide if you are unsure of which recovery technique applies to your Acer laptop.

Things You'll Need

  • System disk and Recovery disk (if you have it)

Use the System Disk and Recovery Disk

Step 1

Insert the System disk into the CD or DVD tray.

Step 2

Click on "Start." Select the "Shutdown" button, then choose "Restart."

Step 3

Choose your language once the System disk boots up.

Step 4

Choose "HDD Full Rebuild."

Step 5

Insert the Recovery disk, then select "OK."

Step 6

Press "OK" to install the select operating system, then "OK" to agree to the "License Agreement."

Step 7

Choose the "Default" partition, then press "OK." The recovery process will begin.

Step 8

Remove the Recovery disk when the installation prompts you to do so. Re-insert the System disk. The system will reboot.

Step 9

Remove the System disk when prompted, and press the "Space bar."

Use the Recovery Partition

Step 1

Restart the computer. Press the function key that corresponds with your BIOS immediately. This is generally a function key ("F1," "F2," or "F10," for example). A screen prompt will tell you which key you press. If you are unsure, consult your user manual.

Step 2

Find "D2D recovery" under the "Main" section of the BIOS. Ensure that D2D recovery reads "Enabled."

Step 3

Choose to "Save and Exit" the BIOS.

Step 4

Press the appropriate combination, such as "Alt + F10," when you see the Acer logo to enter the "System recovery" partition. Consult your user manual if you are unsure of how to initiate the System recovery.

Step 5

Follow the on-screen instructions to return your Acer laptop to factory condition.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some Acer models allow you to backup and burn a system recovery disk and your system data. You can find this option in the eRecovery management tool by pressing down "Alt + F10."
  • Always backup your personal data prior to restoring your Acer laptop to factory condition. The process will delete all of the data that is currently on your computer's hard disk.