How to Restore an LG Cell Phone

By W. Nicole Barclay

Restoring your LG cell phone is a great way to prepare it for resale, fix any problems caused by software updates or installed applications or start over with a brand-new phone. Get rid of overwhelming message loads, contact lists or personalization features. In a few simple steps the original look and feel of your phone will be back in your hands.

Step 1

Copy any personal information, including contacts and messages, to avoid losing your data. Open the flip if you're using a flip phone. Select OK to enter the menu.

Step 2

Press 9 to enter "Settings and Tools." Press 6 to enter "Phone Settings." Press 6 to enter "Security." Enter your four-digit lock code provided by your manual or as set by you. Press 6 to "Restore Phone" and enter your four-digit lock code again to confirm.

Step 3

Reset your phone using the unlocking method. Turn on your phone, with the SIM card inserted. From the home screen enter the code "2945#*# 5. ENG," or another code provided for your model, with your type pad. Select "Factory Reset" from the menu that appears. Wait a few minutes for factory unlocking and reset to occur and the phone to automatically restart.