How to Restore an Unread Email Folder in Outlook

By Tamara Runzel

Outlook is an email program created by Microsoft. You can use it in connection with other email programs. The 2003, 2007 and 2010 versions of Outlook include a feature called "Search Folders." Search folders are virtual folders that contain specific email items that match a certain search criteria. Outlook automatically creates three default search folders: categorized mail, large mail and unread mail. Messages that go to the "Unread Mail" folder also go to your inbox. If you accidentally delete any of these search folders, including your "Unread Email" folder, you can manually restore them again.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Outlook.

Step 2

Select "File" from your menu bar, then go to "New" and select "Search Folder." You can also go to the "Mail" task pane at the left of your screen, click to expand "Personal Folders" and click on "Search Folders." You can also press "CTRL," "Shift" and "P" at the same time to open the "New Search Folder" box.

Step 3

Select "Unread Mail" under the "Reading Mail" section of the dialog box.

Step 4

Click "OK" to finish restoring the "Unread Mail" search folder.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can restore any default search folder by using the above process.